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Тель - Авив
11.01.2017, 02:18




Apple's second largest development centre in the world

Google Tel Aviv

A growing city

5000-year-old Jaffa (where the oranges come from)

Great park space


Very dense

Tel Aviv of tomorrow (even more now):

Transit project:


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Museums, architecture, and theatres

Rabin Square

Tel Aviv Port

Carmel Market

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More green space

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Full of amazing, fresh food, and open markets

A green city - solar panels atop almost every building

World-class universities 

Religious sites for all

"The White City"

Great shopping

Cultural space

One of the largest pride festivals in the world

Growing so fast

Tel Aviv!

The circular building on the right is the current tallest in the country, blue buildings all under construction (some are built now)

Future sky rail under construction

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